“Kimberly worked with us on our SF home and we highly recommend her. She was professional and helped us stay calm during times of stress with our remodel. She explained what to expect during the design process and always had creative solutions for any unexpected issues. What I liked best about Kimberly – is her vision. She has a knack for creating workable spaces with difficult floor plans. Our home turned out beautifully and I will continue to call on Kimberly for my future design needs.”

Kate G.

“My husband and I have really enjoyed working with Kimberly. She has been fun to work with, works hard to take our personal taste into consideration, and has been understanding about our desire to break designing our home into smaller more manageable pieces. Kimberly has helped us create a comfortable modern space in our great room where our family spends most of our time while at home. We look forward to working with her as we continue our home design project.”

Jamie Z.

“Before I met Kimberly, my townhouse, which I share with my 15 year old daughter, was a hodgepodge of furniture, high end music accessories, art, and a chaotic color palate that was neither functional nor attractive. Using much of what I already owned, with the judicious additions of new rugs, dining chairs, paint, window coverings and desk, plus creative space planning, Kimberly created a coherent and inviting home environment. She accomplished this within budget, with careful listening and easy dialogue.”

Matt C.

“Kimberly became my neighbor and after watching her remodel her home, I decided to start working with her. I loved what she did to her home’s interior and exterior and her attention to detail. We live in a historically landmarked neighborhood and I needed somebody who understood the significance of that, what we could do to the home to update it and still honor the home’s mid century roots. Although I have a good eye and already had some good foundation pieces in place, I was having a difficult time pulling together all the design elements in my home and Kimberly worked with me to bring harmony to my space. She also assisted me in selecting the new exterior color scheme for my home. In lieu of keeping the colors as they were, she suggested I change the colors altogether and I’m glad we did because it turned out beautifully. Kimberly recognized the importance of paint colors and I have gotten more compliments from neighbors since it was completed. Kimberly gave me sound advice and helped me bring all the design elements of my space together in a tasteful way while honoring the integrity of the home. She’s professional and has great intuition and vision while being fun to with. Thanks Kimberly.”

John C.

“I cannot thank Kimberly enough for her help with my design. She steered me clear of making major design flaws that not only would have turned out poorly, they would have affected the value of my home or would have been costly to correct. She was open minded and willing to discuss any and all design areas from exterior finish to baseboard measurements. Her ideas were flexable, making adjustments to the concept to make the design more suitable to my lifestyle, i.e. it is beautiful and functional. She was also conscious of my budget restraints and gave me excellent ideas on where to shop for pieces that would fit my budget, but still meet the desired design goal. I am very pleased to have worked with Kimberly and will definitely call her again on my next project.”

Robby W.

“Kimberly Demmy is what I would call ‘a designer’s designer’. She creates beautiful living spaces that are intelligent, uplifting and art focused – yet natural and grounded. She combines broard design knowledge and research with imagination, intuition and relentless attention to detail and it shows. Her projects, large or small transcend clients expectations. I would highly recommend Kimberly’s work for both the results and the process of working wiht her.”

Daniel O.

“Elizabeth and I are first time homeowners and we were overwhelmed by understanding how to decorate so many spaces and have it feel like a home. With Kimberly’s insightful advice and experience, she guided us in creating a home more beautiful than we could have imagined. Her creativity and passion pushed us to explore new ways of envisioning the space we live in. The appreciation that so many of our guests have shared mirrors the appreciation we feel for Kimberly’s excellent work.”

Joshua and Elizabeth S.

“Before I started working with a designer, I had purchased furniture, rugs and accessories I thought I would love. Although I had beautiful pieces, they did not work together as well as I had hoped. Kimberly was able to create a cohesive design scheme for my entire home that eliminated what wasn’t working and incorporated new pieces that gave my space the “wow” factor I was looking for. I now receive many compliments on my home and recommend Kimberly’s design services often.”

Jeff W.

“Working with Kimberly was a wonderful experience. She transformed our cramped condo into an open and organized space that feels much more comfortable and relaxing. Kimberly worked with what we had and made creative suggestions that made a big impact. A truly talented designer.”

Anne M.

“Kimberly Demmy designed my home in Boulder, CO and I strongly recommend her. Kimberly is extremely knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with. She first illustrated the design scheme and then showed me specific options to implement the plan. I followed her suggestions in most all cases and she was cooperative when I wanted more choices. I am extremely pleased with the final results and I will continue to use her services on other projects.” view photos

Hank R.

“I only use my Boulder residence a few months of the year so I limited my design budget for this home. Nonetheless, Kimberly was able to achieve a dramatic result that was more than I expected. She was very resourceful and creative in her approach to my unconventional space. I’m always amazed when I look at the Before and After pictures of my home. She delivered much more than I ever expected and I have the utmost confidence that she can take any space and do wonders with it.”

Jeff P.

“Because of the demands of my job, my home was constantly neglected and I found it increasingly difficult to stay organized. I knew that reorganizing my space and changing the layout of my furniture throughout the house would go a long way towards making my life a little easier – especially with my fast paced job. However, I didn’t know where to start, what to throw away, or how to redesign my space until I spoke with Kimberly. She redecorated my home and reorganized my household items in a way that I didn’t think was possible. The results were very impressive to say the least. My place now has a better flow, looks great, and is efficiently organized making my life easier.” “I’m in the process of buying a new home and not only will I rehire Kimberly, I told her to send me the bill and do what she does best – design my space.”

Tara T.